Plan Your Loyalty Program

Quality matters. As your loyalty partner, we are an extension of your brand, and we are committed to representing you well. Travel and Transport ensures that you always have the support and resources necessary for your rewards program to thrive and grow. Our innovative loyalty account management team will serve as an advocate, providing you with assistance and expertise, and accompanying you through each phase of your program.

Contact Center

While we provide a streamlined online support system and the best technology in the loyalty industry, we realize that sometimes you need to speak to a professional. Travel and Transport provides customer support experts who will help to guide your program members through point redemption and support questions. Our unique approach to customer support is to represent your company at every level, going the extra mile by facilitating client culture workshops within our employee education modules to ensure that your company, its culture, and brand are represented in strict accordance with your standards.

Program Performance and Reports

Travel and Transport provides you with the complete, detailed data required to accurately track the activity and success of your loyalty program. Our comprehensive suite of reports have been designed from the ground up to deliver the relevant and actionable information you need. Report categories include:

  • Fulfillment timeliness
  • Exception reporting – returns, point adjustments, and other exceptions to be monitored
  • Redemption detail and activity
  • Point bank – accrual/decrement
  • Website services and performance
  • User survey results
  • Contact center statistics
  • Ad hoc reports