Points 2 Points

TAT_Points-2-Points-Logo-2014_colorManaging an effective corporate travel policy can be quite a challenge in today’s business travel environment. To ensure our clients stay ahead of changing trends, Travel and Transport has developed a unique traveler gamification program called Points 2 Points that rewards travelers based on making good travel decisions. We have the key advantage of being able to offer Points 2 Points due to our specialization in providing reward program fulfillment to leading retailers and financial institutions.

Motivate & Appreciate

  • Save money on corporate travel spend by rewarding travelers for making the right decisions
  • Strengthen compliance of preferred vendor usage
  • Increase online adoption, class of service and advance booking notices
  • Increase compliance with negotiated hotel deals
  • Points earned by travelers can be redeemed for thousands of options

Points awarded via this program can be redeemed for rewards that include gift cards, merchandise, travel and company-specific items, or they can simply be used as a program scorecard without a reward tie-in. Components of the program are customizable based on your unique travel program and culture.

Additional non-travel components can also be added to the program including safety awards, service/tenure awards, etc. This unique concept of rewarding travelers for good decisions will result in higher traveler morale, increased policy compliance, and maximum savings for your travel program.

The following infographic illustrates why now is the time for introducing gamification into corporate travel and offers some valuable strategies for success in your program.