Swift Data

Turn daunting data into decisions

Smart travel managers know who’s on the road, what they’re spending and what the risks are to their people. We built Swift Data to give you answers to all of this in one place.

Data to get excited about

Leave the clunky spreadsheets in the 90s where they belong. Easy to understand data on potential savings, frequent routes, policy compliance and more are only a click away.

It’s time to fix the absence of travel analysis and get some actionable insights ASAP.

Let’s keep your people safe

Duty of Care Taken Seriously

Swift data security
Swift Data Health

Business traveler wellbeing is no joke. That’s why we’ve partnered with WorldAware to provide you with answers when faced with tough questions; about the local medical infrastructure, or mental health support, in a country you might not have even heard of last week, let alone studied.

swift data health
Swift Data Security

You can’t always make the world a safer place but you can know what risks your people are in danger of when traveling. Thanks to data on crime, terrorism and kidnapping, you can forewarn travelers, create appropriate action plans and steer your people out of the worst hotspots.

even your seasoned travelers need the most up to date information
Swift Data Alerts

Even the safest countries suffer disasters. Swift Data’s intelligent risk mapping shows events as they occur and highlights nearby travelers. You can even contact them directly from Swift Data using email, phone or sending push notification to the Dash Mobile app.

Swift Data Pro brings travel agency, credit card and expense data into one place.

Swift Data Pro

Don’t get mad about travel spend leakage, get over it

What if you could know the cost of every flight, hotel, car and even the cup of coffee from each business trip, wherever it was booked? We’re unlocking this forbidden knowledge by applying machine learning in a useful way, to give you one data set to rule them all.

Swift Data Pro brings travel agency, credit card and expense data into one place. We deal with the duplicates and transform the typos so you can stop dancing in the dark with your data and be the boss of your travel spend.

It’s time to get ahead

It’s time to get smart

There is no other travel management company data analytics platform that uses machine learning the way Swift Data Pro does to normalize and match your data, it even leaves popular business intelligence applications in the dust when it comes to travel and expense data.