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Technology Timeline


Our Technological Evolution

This timeline will provide you with a view into how Travel and Transport’s technology has evolved to offer enhanced reporting, data consolidation and dynamic traveler experiences. Starting with where we began, moving through our current technology and leading visitors on a journey into the future of travel technology, you will be able to see how Travel and Transport has earned the reputation as innovators in the industry and how we intend to help shape the future of travel.


eTTek Solutions suite introduced

Travel and Transport introduced our eTTek Solutions suite of advanced technology products and comprehensive services that provides our clients with innovative travel solutions, minimizing travel expenses while maximizing efficiency.


Web-based pre-trip reporting

Our comprehensive web-based pre-trip reporting system, later named eTTek Preview, was introduced. This real-time pre-trip reporting system provides companies with better, more actionable pre-trip data than any other system in the industry.


Web-based post-trip reporting

Our comprehensive web-based post-trip reporting system, later named eTTek Review, was introduced. eTTek Review allows users to forecast and target specific areas of business travel expenditures and cost savings opportunities.


Group Track travel manifest technology

eTTek Events, now Group Track, was introduced: a proprietary web-based application that works in conjunction with the GDS to access attendee flight information and display it in easily accessible and usable group travel manifests.


Improvements to eTTek Preview and Review

Customizable reports and groundbreaking functionality were added to both systems including push technology that sends automated emails when specific conditions are triggered. Dashboard reporting and global reporting capabilities were also introduced.


Expansion of the eTTek Solutions suite

eTTek TransPORT – Traveler portal technology that allows travel intelligence, applications and tools to be centralized in one easy-to-access portal.
eTTek Banx – Automated management of unused tickets, featuring push technology, reminders and alerts that minimize spoilage and maximize savings.


Travel Smart Rewards Program

Now known as Points 2 Points, this trailblazing gamification program rewards travelers for making good travel decisions. We have the key advantage of being able to offer Points 2 Points through our loyalty and reward program experts who have decades of experience supporting retailers and financial institutions.


eTTek Flight Monitor

eTTek Flight Monitor watches bookings for key events such as flight cancellations or departure delays. Travelers and travel arrangers will be notified via email when cancellations or departure delays are detected.


Reporting and online booking enhancements

Limo booking data and true ad hoc reports were introduced to eTTek Review, allowing users to create their own custom reports. Also introduced that same year was TravelQuote, our proprietary online booking tool primarily focused on group travel.


Technology portal and reporting sophistication

The MyHome technology portal was introduced, providing secure, single sign-on access to several eTTek Solutions tools. eTTek Review continued to become more sophisticated with an implementation of MyDashboard, a fully user-customizable reporting dashboard.


Dash Mobile app

Dash Mobile, our proprietary travel itinerary management mobile app, was launched on iOS and Android. Travel and Transport made news as one of the very first travel management companies to introduce a mobile travel application.


eTTek Dash enhancements

We continued to enhance features and functionalities to Dash Mobile for travelers. The ‘Add to Calendar’ feature allows travelers to add trips to personal calendars. Travelers also began receiving alert information and notifications powered by iJET directly from the app.


Growth of technology product suite

eTTek Dash added enhanced weather services and trip-sharing as well as international dialing capability. Points 2 Points was launched and we introduced Hotel Re-Search and eTTek Secure Pay.


eTTek Review 5.0

The already industry leading tool began the conversion to HTML5 with migration to eTTek Review 5.0. In addition, eTTek Dash was launched on Windows Phone and an integration with TripLingo was announced.


eTTek Review 5.0 migration continues

The HTML5 transition continues with more and more reports migrated to the new, more flexible and user-friendly version of eTTek Review.


Alternate air options in Dash Mobile

We continued our business traveler-centric focus by adding features such as alternate air options to the app.


Personal travel integration in Dash Mobile

The latest enhancement to the Dash Mobile app allows travelers to track all of their personal itineraries in addition to business travel. The unique ‘Touch to Call’ feature was also enhanced.


Big Data solution

Travel and Transport announced our game changing Big Data solution, which will launch in 4th quarter 2015.


Wearable support in Dash Mobile

eTTek Dash became available on wearables such as Apple Watch and Android Wear. The app also introduced live wait times vs. the TSA’s estimated wait times. Travelers can also complete hotel check-in within the app.


Trip sharing added to Dash Mobile

The latest enhancement to the Dash Mobile travel app allows travelers to share trips with other users and view the trips that are shared with them directly within the app.


Portal R&D

Travel and Transport is currently undergoing research and development into more sophisticated and user-friendly client travel portals. The solution will focus on providing secure single sign-on into all technology and data currently accessed in client portals (invoices, unused tickets, managed data, etc.) Beta testing for the portal is expected to occur in late 2015 with implementation in the 2nd quarter of 2016.


Dash Mobile adds hotel check-in and more

This enhancement to Travel and Transport’s Dash Mobile app includes the ability to initiate the hotel check-in process in the app, alerts that remind travelers if a hotel booking is missing from their itinerary and the ability to call an agent or a hotel from your Apple Watch.


Dash Mobile adds airport maps

Dash Mobile now provides indoor terminal maps for the most popular airports around the world. Found in the ‘Services’ tab of Dash Mobile, this feature provides maps and tips to help you navigate an unfamiliar airport.


Store your loyalty membership numbers in Dash Mobile

Travelers can store air, car and hotel membership information and loyalty numbers in Dash Mobile for easy reference on the go.


Dash Mobile 3.0 released

Dash Mobile 3.0 includes a modern and intuitive interface, with all of the great Dash Mobile features as well as in-app access to trip booking, enhanced notifications and more.


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