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Get the latest updates and trip alerts on delays and disruptions by following our Twitter feed @TandTAlerts and by watching the feeds below. We’ll also post all of the alerts and warnings that we’re tracking which may not necessarily affect our clients’ travelers:

FlightStats - Live Airport Delays - Trip Alerts for business travelCorporate travel security are very important. Report a and duty of care travel event here.


Trip Alert options from Travel and Transport

Business travel risk management, duty of care in travel and corporate travel security are vitally important to a successfully managed corporate travel program. Travel and Transport is dedicated to keeping our clients and their travelers updated on world events/crisis situations, weather and travel industry events that can disrupt travel. We provide our clients with the following travel risk management communications:

Travel Watch: Travel Watch is a new communication tool that will inform travel managers and travelers of impending weather conditions that are severe enough to cause an airline to issue a waiver. Travel Watch is intended to be used for notifications of wide-spread operational issues such as weather waivers, strikes, and airport disruptions, giving travelers the option to proactively make changes in order to potentially avoid disruption in their travel plans.

Travel Alert: In partnership with WorldAware, Travel and Transport provides critical duty of care information when it’s needed most. Travel managers receive our Travel Alert notifications as part of our service offering, but we are now able to make this valuable information available to business travelers. Our Travel Alert intelligence will help travelers prepare for and mitigate impacts to their trip due to transportation, weather, health, geo-political and many other dynamic events that occur globally. For more information and exclusive pricing for Travel and Transport customers, simply click the button below.

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